Who We Are

I’m Yolonda Powell the founder of Passport Promise Project. I’m currently working as a Flight Attendant living my best life working my dream job. As a retired Hair stylist from Detroit, I have worked and devoted 25 years into Cosmetology as a profession. In 2006, I made the move to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This move has been one of the most courageous and life changing events of my life. While here in Texas, I became unemployed and began a year of extensive travel where I visited Europe, Dominican Republic, United Emirates and parts of South America, and became extremely fascinated with travel. It was this year when GOD gave me the vision to introduce travel as an educational and developmental experience for young black youth. I believe if the youth of today are going to change the world “they must see it first”. I vow now that my contribution to this society is to make sure young adults of African descent have the experience of a lifetime. The  experience of seeing a world they may never see otherwise. I will work tirelessly to make it happen. I will facilitate all travel events and fundraising efforts. Through a network of school counselors, college advisors, churches and other non-organizations, Passport Promise will reach those qualified recipients and give them the gift of the world through travel. My inspiration is my family and my brothers and sisters in the black underserved community,  to who I owe a chance such as I had. With the help of my family, other flight attendants and volunteers, Passport Promise will be successful in its endeavor. I have three young millennials of my own, who have turned out to be outstanding young people raised with integrity, confidence and a sense of self worth. My kids are the ultimate example for other black youth that they can achieve anything they put their minds too.

I’m Dana Powell, a Director at Passport Promise Project. Coming from the inner-city myself I can understand that at times it can seem limiting. After having traveled, my life and thought process has tremendously expanded. I understand that most black inner-city youth have not had the opportunity to experience travel. Now, through Passport Promise, I dedicate my time to helping the young people in my community through travel, music, and tradework. Exploring different cultures, communities, lifestyles, and careers are important  to the development and expansion of the minds of black youth. Therefore, I help them explore their creative abilities as a music producer and beat creator. As a plumbers apprentice, I also introduce them to the career of a tradesman. I am adamant in my commitment to the development of my  black community. 

I’m Shauni Harris, Managing Director of Passport Promise Project. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, I’ve always been dedicated to the betterment of my black community through volunteering and mentoring. After receiving my Bachelor’s of Science In Public Relations, I was blessed with the opportunity of living and working abroad in Shanghai, China. After returning to the U.S. I have been flying as a Flight Attendant for over 7 years. With these experiences, I understand first hand what traveling does for your mindset, growth process, and understanding of others. Oftentimes during our youth we are limited to our own bubbles. We are taught many things by way of our elders and community but somethings can not be taught, only experienced. Getting out of your own world and seeing how others live, love, work, and think helps you to propel your life spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I believe it allows you to learn empathy and respect for those who may not live as yourself. As a Flight Attendant and Entrepreneur I continue to  pursue my Masters in Nonprofit leadership and management  and I have vowed to continue to dedicate my time, energy, and love to the people of my community through the Passport Promise Project.